Specification #

1. Material #

1.1 Steel is produced by open-hearth furnace. Hot rolled (HR) bars in grades: S235JRG2 (235), S235JRG2mod (235). The name of steel indicated in brackets is for hot stamping.

1.2 Chemical analysis of the melt and allowed deviation of the piece analysis:

1.2.3 For the grades S235JRG2, S235JRG2mod – according to the Tables 1 & 2 (Appendix No.1).

1.3 Macrostructure of rolled bars isn’t controlled.

1.4 Mechanical properties.

The Producer has to determine mechanical properties during elongation (Re, Rm, A).

1.4.1 Mechanical properties should be determined on samples, which are taken from longitudinal thermally treated bars in diameter 25 mm.

Elongation tests are to be made at normal temperature.


For all the grades in according to the EN and for the grade S235JRG2mod the impact value test (KV t ̊C) shall be done on the Sharpy’s samples at the temperature in according to EN.

1.4.2 Regime of the thermal treatment of samples has to be determined by Producer.

1.4.3 Mechanical properties are not ordered. 1.4.4 Results of testing shall be indicated in the Mill’s Certificate including regime of thermal treatment and diameter of sample.

2. Requirements   #

2.1 Anode Pins are produced in accordance with the Producer’s technical regulations and the following Drawings:

  • Drawing No. 96012-05 (Æ160×225, Æ160×325 mm);
  • Drawing No. 96012-01 (Æ180×200, Æ180×275 mm);
  • Drawing No. 96017-51 (Æ180×320, Æ180×330, Æ230×320 mm).

2.2 Anode Pins are delivered by lots, and each lot consists of packages. 

2.3 Anode Pins are produced from the Hot Rolled Steel Bars as per Specification No. 2/0001 dd. 24.04.2020, rev.01 by pre-cutting to the final length. Sawing in cold condition, allowed burrs are max. 4 mm, bevel from sawing is not controlled.

3. Packing #

3.1 Anode Pins to be packed on EU-pallets 800×1200 mm, and according to the following Packing Scheme: 

  • Packing Scheme No. 96012-06 (Æ160×225 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96012-06-01(Æ160×325 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96012-02 (Æ180×275 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96012-02-01 (Æ180×200 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96017-52 (Æ180×320 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96017-52-01 (Æ180×330 mm);
  • Packing Scheme No. 96017-52-02 (Æ230×320 mm).


  1. It is allowed to pack the less quantity of pins as per pallet, however, it must be secured by the reliable fastening to avoid of any displacing of pins within the pallet during the transportation.
  2. Spots from atmosphere corrosion, snow, and ice on the surface of HR bars and wire-rods can’t be reason for rejection.

3.2 At the customer’s request, the pins can be coated by the ant-corrosion grease, and the pallet can be covered by polyethylene film stretch.

4. Marking #

4.1 Tags: min. 2 metal info tags as per bundle, and indicted:

    – P/O…

    – Drawing No…

    – Grade…

    – Size…mm

    – Melt…

    – Quantity…bars

    – Weight… kgs

    – Made in Russia.

Additional information for each lot, which must be indicated in tags, has to be shown in the Customer’s order. Tags are fastened to the bundle by wire-rods.

4.1.1 The tag content can be shown by self-sticking labels 50×50 mm.

4.2 Additionally, three any pins as per pallet can be marked on the top end by self-sticking labels with the following extract content:

– Drawing No…

– Size…mm

– Grade…

– Melt…

5. Mill’s Test Certificate #

The certificate fills according to the DIN EN 10204/3.1 (2005), and contents the same grade, melt, and reports the following:

  • Product name “Nipples/Pins”
  • Drawing No.
  • Grade
  • Melt
  • Melting process
  • Size
  • Tolerance acc. to DIN 1013 EN 10060
  • Results of chemical analysis
  • Results of mechanical testing
  • Weight per lot
  • Number of pieces
  • Anti-mixing control approval
  • Free from radiation, mercury
  • Manufacturer’s name

Customer’s name

6. Shipment #

The actual shipping consignment may vary depends on the total weight tolerance, and shall be multiple to the melt (ingot) 60(65)-70 MT for the consignment more than 60 MT. The weight deviation is +10%, no extra pins for the total quantity are acceptable.

7. Inspection #

The Buyer, in agreement with the Seller, has the right to conduct pre-shipment inspection of the batch of pins to be ready for shipment at the Producer’s warehouse, unless otherwise agreed. The inspection is carried out by an independent professional industrial inspector (e.g. SGS) at the expense of the Buyer and in accordance with the agreed requirements and procedures. Depending on the volume of the shipment batch, the inspector selects random nipples at his discretion. Main criteria for control in accordance with ISO 5022 AQL 1.5%:

• for a batch volume of 91-150 PCs.:

– random selection – 32 PCs.;

– criteria for acceptance of the batch for shipment – 1 PC “defective”;

– criteria for not accepting the shipment – 2 PCs. “defective”.

• for a batch volume of 151-1200 PCs.:

– random selection – 50 PCs.;

– criteria for acceptance of the batch for shipment – 2 PCs. ” defective”;

– the criterion for non-acceptance of the batch for shipment – 3 PCs. “defective”.

Anode yoke pin diam 160 mm
conteiner pack