Elstahl T&L GmbH has a core competence to produce and supply cathode steel bars, collectors, pins, and welded anode yokes to prime aluminum smelters within the global industry. Starting in 1993 with the 500 MT of anode steel bars in diameter 125 mm and steel quality S235JR to Elkem Lista AS, Norway we developed the product range of offered steel bars including machined and drilled bars and improved quality to low resistance steel LRS6 (see Chart 1, 2) that is our trade mark and it is registered in WIPO Madrid the International Trade Mark System with the registration number 946 601 dd. November 2, 2007 and extended up to 2027.

Our production of steel bars as well as anode pins, and welded anode yokes is focused on quality and short lead time. We do offer to our Customers the flexible price and just-in-time delivery and it is endorsed by our professional staff, and, finally, we do all the best to get the Customer returned.

Mainly, we have supplied the strategic materials for “pre-bake” technology is used by Hydro Aluminium (HAL Norway, Slovakia, Qatar, Brazil), and for AP60/AP80 by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA France, Canada, Cameroon). Also, we have been involved to supply cathode bars to Sohar Aluminium Project
(Sultanate Oman)/Bechtel (USA) in 2004-2006, and Qatalum Aluminium Project, (Qatar)/Hydro Aluminium (Norway) in 2006-2008.

Currently Elstahl T&L is improving and re-shaping its organization and investing to develop its production including ready-made products for global aluminium industry to face the challenge of innovation trends in industry

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