Elstahl T&L GmbH is supplier of anode and cathode steel bars as well as ready-made collectors and welded/casted anode yokes to prime aluminium smelters in Norway, Europe, Canada and Persian Gulf. These products are used for anode pins in anode hangers/yokes, cathodes and collectors which are involved as steel parts during electrolysis process to produce the prime aluminium ingots using the “pre-bake”, HAL and AP 60/80 (Aluminium Peshiney) technology. Also, we developed the low resistance cathode and collector bars to reduce (save) consumptions of electricity due to huge stake of the cost of electricity in the total production cost of prime aluminium. For instance, we offer our customers the cathode & collector steel bars are made of steel LRS6, and it is our trade mark is registered by WIPO|Madrid (The International Trade System) and the registration No. 946601.

We established and developed the production line during the last 14 years by step-by-step investing in the tooling and rolling equipment to be competitive in the hi-tech smelting industry. We have long-term strong cooperation with the International Harbor of St. Petersburg and its terminals, also, capable to offer just-in-time and mill-to-site delivery for smelters following to International Trade Practices and Commercial Law.

Since 2004, we have been involved in the giant projects in the global aluminium industry, for instance, Sohar Alumimiun Project (Sultanate Oman) and Qatar Aluminium Project (Qatar) in 2006/2008.

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